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Try Wingjump
Ski light, enjoy a private lesson to test the Wingjump and discover a new gliding sensation.
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Downhill in Yooner
Enjoy the guidance of the ESI instructors to make a final descent at the closing of the slopes!
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Paragliding experience
Fly above La Clusaz and discover an unbeatable sensation!
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In La Clusaz, your ski school always offers you more sensations!


The world of aeronautics at the service of skiing. Wingjump is the first ski equipment in the world that offers the sensation of lift in addition of gliding, and that in total safety!

Price : 12 € supplement to the particular lesson session.


Wingjump offers you the possibility to amplify your sensations of sliding and to add a unique sensation: the lift. Rediscover skiing with a new way of jumping, carving, managing speed ...


Wingjump stabilizes and improves speed management. Your position allows you to accelerate or brake. Approved on all the ski areas (tracks and ski lifts).


Wingjump, it is a sail that slips like a jacket and is added in a few seconds to your usual ski equipment. The turnaround time is very short. No learning is necessary to feel the first sensations.

For everyone

With each skier his Wingjump! Our products equip the whole family, whatever the age, the level of ski or the effect sought. All the sails will allow you to progress in ski while discovering new sensations.

Sensations, fun and easy!

End the day with your family in a friendly atmosphere


A fun and easy learning activity allowing you to have fun on a descent of 3.2 km.
From Monday to Friday, for the last climb to the Beauregard gondola.

Prices: 20 € / person (including yooner)

You dreamed about it!

Slide on the slopes easily, feel stronger and surprising sensations, all without learning ...
It is done with the arrival of the Yooner! With a seat at 20 cm from the ground, like a snows kart, this new concept of gliding is a real pleasure invitation.
Its fun and easy to use, you'll master it completely in one run.
The Yooner is lightweight, manoeuvrable, with a shock absorber for more comfort and a skate allowing you to "cut curves" like in skiing.

Adopt it, guaranteed sensations!

Did you dream about flying?

Live this experience accessible to everyone !


Prices :

60 € Flight from Beauregard + 25 € for photos and videos option
110 € Flight of the Aiguille + 25 € for photos and videos option

The paraglider is an aircraft made up of tissue and lines, the pilot and the passenger are connected to the glider by a harnais.

Paragliding is an activity accessible for everyone (from 5 to 99 years).

Your pilot will do a briefing before takeoff to explain the different flight phases.

The dreaded passage from earth to sky is by a soft and progressive takeoff, we do not jump into the void and do not feel falling down, quite the contrary it is rather cool!

If the conditions allow and if you wish, your pilot will propose you to pilot and offer you some acrobatic turns ... but only if you want, of course!

For the landing, do not panic, it is very simple. After stolen comfortably installed in your harness, we go back to standing up and land on our feet.

Tip: As this activity is dependent on the weather, we advise you to book your flight at the beginning of your stay so that you can report to the next day if the weather wanted to be capricious.

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